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Content Marketing // March 9th, 2021

Talk The Tok 3: Comment To Win

Written by Maxwell

Happy Talk the Tok Thursday my dudes! On Instagram it may be going down in the DMs, but on TikTok it goes down in the CM…community management that is. True heads know that when the algorithm blesses your FYP* with an amazing TikTok the first thing to do is run to the comment section. That’s where the real party is. From sick burns, hot takes, or general comradery, the best part of TikTok is the comments. Brands have figured this out and have been engaging with fans as a tactic to gain clout and make their channel presence known.

You may not have expected it from an Irish, budget airline, but one of the best brands at using the comments is Ryan Air. They are quickly becoming known for their snarky replies and they have one for anything and everything that’s thrown their way. So much so, they created a whole TikTok dedicated to cataloging their killer comebacks. (Number one victory royale! Yeah, Fortnite we ‘bout to get down…)


If sassing your community isn’t your thing (it is definitely not for everyone), another successful commenting strategy is engaging with TikToks that reference your brand to get noticed. This is what Buffalo Wild Wings has been doing. In fact, I only knew they were on the platform because of the comment that they left on @junathrifts confusing viral video of two dudes engaging in a very messy handshake. Because viral comments rise to the top of the thread it is a great strategy for earning your brand high visibility and letting fans know you are on the platform and ready to mingle!

There is a lot to navigate as a savvy Community Manager for a national brand and it is a constant struggle to know what content is safe to engage with as a brand (avoid anything political, excessive cursing is probably out, etc.), so when a truly wholesome viral video comes your way there is no chance you aren’t going to comment. When @deputyclerk (the unofficial yet official account of the Orange County, Indiana clerks office) went viral for accidentally posting 8 nearly identical videos wishing a mysterious Connie the best in all her future endeavors, brands flocked to engage with the viral content. Most of the top comments are from brands and other blue checks**, including MOD Pizza, Arbys and the Buffalo Bills to name a few. So here’s to Connie, and others, riding her overnight fame to their own video views and follows.


This is the comment strategy I like to call “The Pile On,” when various brands – regardless of relevance – swarm the comment section of a viral video just for the eyeballs. While it may not be as effective as finding the perfect moment like Buffalo Wild Wings, it is still an effective way to enter the conversation and be noticed. Be careful though. I’ve seen brands get roasted in the comments for being too thirsty or too late to a video. It’s cool to be one of the first few brands in a pile on, or better yet FIRST, but not so much to be the 50th.

Goodbye, Connie! We appreciate all you have done for the state of Indiana and my serotonin levels.

Are your thumbs dying to do some talking??? Anyone trying to grow their following on TikTok should be commenting on videos far and wide. Give it a try on your account and watch your followers grow. RIP your notifications though.


* For You Page (FYP) is the feed TikTok curates for you based on what you’ve liked and engaged with previously.

** Blue checks refer to the blue check icon accounts receive after they’ve been made official, officially.


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