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Content Marketing // February 8th, 2021

Talk the Tok

Written by Maxwell

To put it simply, TikTok is taking over the Internet. Not only is the platform the fastest growing, but its content has become so ubiquitous that trends travel across platforms – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are filled with TikTok’s viral videos. Like the apps’ growth rate, TikTok trends move and change quickly. If your brand is going to play on the platform, you need to learn to Talk the Tok, so our team is putting our hours spent aimlessly scrolling the app to work so you don’t have to. With our bi-weekly trend primer, you get all the knowledge without the time investment. Disclaimer: We can’t do anything to save you from getting 15 second clips of songs stuck on a loop in your head, though.


To kick off our first weekly roundup, I wanted to focus on Corporate Millennial TikTok. This side of TikTok features relatable content poking fun at the struggles working full-time, WFH in corporate America. My FYP (“For You Page,” for our TikTok newbies) and DMs are filled with hilarious reenactments of passive aggressive, yet professional exchanges and manifestations of millennial angst. Am I seeing so many of these just because I, like most of my friends, are millennials with desk jobs??? That’s a secret I’ll never tell! Regardless of how “seen” or “called out” you feel by these videos, the corporate millennial content creators are masters of taking popular TikTok sounds or trends and translating them to fit their niche, and as content creators for your brand, there is a lot to learn from their savvy.

Here are five of our favorite TikToks from the week:

First up, is the king of corporate millennial TikTok, @justme.rod, using the popular “Somebody To Love (Remix)” trend where you show yourself cringing throughout the day when you remember an embarrassing or painful memory.


Like clockwork every weekend #work #millennial #workfromhome #office #workdistractions

♬ Somebody to love Basstrologe Bootleg – mthekyng

This TikTok from @corporatenatalie is serving BIG Main Character energy. It features the “Daisy” by Ashnikko viral sound usually used to show that the creator is the center of everyone’s attention.


What do you mean I literally JUST woke up and rolled out of bed #corporate #workcrush #workfromhome #zoom #corporateamerica #fyp

♬ Daisy (I’m Crazy But You Like That) – Ashnikko

Using the typewriter noise from the popular “sounds for slomo_bro” @loewhaley really captures the anxiety that comes from having too many EOD requests!


if days= meetings then ?= actual work? #wfh #meetings #corporate #9to5 #office #millennial #workfromhome #corporatetok

♬ –

The call is coming from inside the house! This TikTok is a bit meta as it comes from the ACLU’s official account, not an anonymous creator. They do a great job utilizing the “Bestie I’m Afraid To Ask You This” trend to capture the awkward feeling of asking clients to approve what feels like silly content.


it can be an uphill battle sometimes. #bestievibesonly #fyp #foryou #lawyersoftiktok

♬ Im afraid to ask you Tiktoshh – Tiktoshh

Lastly, we have the newest trend featuring a never-ending Mario block sound loop which shockingly sounds just like my last two brain cells rattling around trying to come up with a quick excuse.



#greenscreen #starbucks #funny #fyp #viral #meme #workfromhome #workflow #boss #zoom #thinking #excuses #GEICOLipSync

♬ mario block except it never ends – jack_healy


We challenge you to ask: How can my brand play with these trends? Keep your ear to the ground and thumb-scrolling up to find an opportunity for your brand. We hope to see your content on our FYP soon!