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We're an independent group of curious thinkers inspired by the world around us and motivated by the potential of businesses to do good.

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Maxwell founder and principal. Brand whisperer. Wordsmith. Idea generator. Thrives on creating work with impact. Believes in pushing boundaries, including her own, which explains the time she jumped out of a plane. Canadian born, Cascadia raised. Baker of treats. A night owl with an Instagram habit. Thinks a great day includes time outdoors and having people over for dinner. Loves pickles.

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Dynamic team leader, news and pop culture fanatic, and brand champion. Raised in the Pacific Northwest on foraged seafood and berries. Spent her early years palling around with a chimp and a lion cub while her parents moonlighted as zoo managers. Her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. Has never had déjà vu. An avid gardener who loves traveling the world. Next stop: Greece.

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Creative powerhouse. A visionary and artist across mediums, living in the realm of ingenuity and brand strategy. Has mad papier-mâché skills. Enjoys salsa dancing and bridging the gap from brand to consumer in honest and authentic ways. Likely to consume copious amounts of pasta if left to her own devices. Danced on the stage at Lincoln Center before she could drive. Drawn to collaborative environments and the smell of Eastern Oregon sage brush.

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Professional multitasker, studio manager and HR Specialist. Pacific Northwest native. A lover of birthdays, family barbeques and summer getaways that include a good swimming hole. Constantly in search of a quality garage sale. Do not leave unattended with landscaping tools. Her St. Bernard Duke once served as a mascot for Maxwell’s charity kickball team.

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Unstoppable Program Director who corrals cross-functional teams, vendors and clients with an eye for detail and a flair for fun. Favorite place to spend time: The Met in NYC. Next up on her travel bucket list: the waterfalls, black sand beaches, blue lagoons and auroras of Iceland. Motto: Never be the thing that gets in your own way.     

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Spent her formative years in Kaunas, Lithuania and then Reno, Nevada, where she once worked as a legislative paralegal –– wore the blazers and everything. Nonstop idea generator. Lover of long aimless walks, short purposeful walks, Valentina hot sauce and summer borscht with a mountain of dill. Passionate defender of green bell peppers. They have their strengths! Please stop bullying them.

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A risk taker, re-imaginer and multimedia designer turning challenges into creative opportunities. Self-proclaimed nerd. Especially for cars, computers and Nintendo games. Basically unbeatable at Mario Kart. Once shook hands with the Backstreet Boys. Pops the top on his convertible “Becky” bumping Carly Rae Jepsen when the sunshine hits. Probably on his way to grab sushi.

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Motivated by planning, project management and pasta, specifically carbonara. Met her husband at a Halloween party, and has a knack for killer costumes. Her favorite: zombie bride for their engagement party. Sundays are spent relaxing with her yellow lab. Craft beer is involved. So are movies. If she could pick one person to make her dinner it would be Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. Loves Ducks. Not the animal, the team.

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A onetime political communications wonk who left D.C. behind for the far more satisfying world of food and beverage PR. Expert trend-spotter with a knack for connecting brands to customers – and converting customers to loyal fans. Ambitious and accomplished traveler (spring break with two young daughters in Paris and Amsterdam, anyone?). Loves to be surprised by a good book, whether it’s historical fiction or out-of-left-field sci fi.

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Travel expert with her media list on lockdown. If Oregon is your destination, might she provide an itinerary? Appreciates the finer things in life such as square, crispy bottomed pizza and sitting by a cozy campfire. Crafts her own fry sauce with the perfect mayo, mustard, ketchup combo. Catch her after hours leading a spin class or sipping one of Willamette Valley’s famed Pinots.

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The best part of the day is waking up to walk her pup. The next best part is going to work as a proud Latina in PR. Not necessarily a homebody but lives for cozy gatherings with family, friends, and plenty to eat and drink. Hot sauce on everything. Passionate about media relations, personal growth, Oaxacan tlayudas and dancing to Bad Bunny (not necessarily in that order). If she ever writes a memoir, the title’s ready to go: Echale Ganas, or Do Your Best.  

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Media relations whiz with an enduring love of Chipotle and a passion for boosting client profiles. If Buffalo hot wings are on the menu, that’s what she’s ordering. For an energizing pre-work mood-booster: weightlifting all the way. For relaxing: old seasons of Love Island UK. Find her exploring her local Orange County or Los Angeles County breweries and restaurants, but hold the eggs, please.  

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Your go-to for events and influencer relations. A morning person. An extroverted introvert. Grew up in Cleveland, studied in Dublin and interned in Boston. Catch her on the weekends discovering one of Portland’s countless coffee shops. Always down for a brainstorm. Flips dough like a pro and probably adds pineapple. Once did PR for self-flying airplanes.

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Recipe developer, nutrition guru and photography connoisseur. You’ll find her in the studio kitchen by following the delicious aromas. Lover of sun-soaked lunchtime strolls, local farmer’s markets, and roasted sweet potatoes. Cosmopolitan magazine is a guilty pleasure. Dedicated to nourishing recipes that showcase whole foods. Wouldn’t hesitate to invite Ina Garten to dinner.

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Visual merchandiser turned project manager with the perfect blend of creativity and get sh** done. Lives for her morning coffee ritual; frothed coconut milk and one stevia. Rookie home renovator with a new bathroom floor to prove it. Motivated by social change and supporting marginalized communities through work; her favorite project? Dave’s Killer Bread Second Chance Employment. Previous sandwich builder at the infamous Fried Egg I’m In Love and still dreams of breakfast sammies. Preferred ending to the day is with bubbles, in both her pink bathtub and favorite iridescent flute glass.

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Born-and-raised Oregonian with an appetite for mole, tamales, and mezcal (but definitely won’t say no to basil fried rice). Finds it incredibly rewarding to work with brands that align with her values –– especially when the coworkers are as inspiring (and the refrigerator is as full of various beverages) as Maxwell’s. 

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Self-proclaimed party DJ and true crime aficionado, this Kansas City native headed to the Pacific Northwest with her scented candle stockpile in tow. Loves writing, planning and project managing with significant help from her favorite Hi-Ball energy seltzers. Slightly addicted to TikTok. Most appreciates that her work helps guide positive conversations about food. Outside of work you can find her on her Peloton or watching anything featuring her true love, Andy Samberg.

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A health-centric client’s dream come true: a registered dietitian with a passion for wellness and a talent for food and beverage PR. As comfortable exploring her adopted hometown (Portland) as she is seeking out the loveliest place to grab a bite anywhere in the world (Budapest, for example). If there’s a nutrition-related question, she’ll answer it. If there’s a cute wine bar, she’ll find it.

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A Midwesterner by way of LA, originally inspired by Kelly Cutrone and Samantha Jones. Now calls the PNW home and is inspired by mountains. Lifelong appreciator of expertly curated festival lineups but has given up her Coachella habit. Knows too much about astrology and doesn’t fully buy into it. Always listening to a podcast or watching YouTube… usually watching a podcast on YouTube. Will talk your ear off about the Portland pizza scene.      

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Influencer-guru that’s often influenced. Fascinated by social media and the communities it builds. Her day isn’t done until the last step in her skin care routine. Built a side hustle helping people get organized. Currently is vibing with murder mystery novels and the occasional rom com. Believes that pesto is a staple and should be enjoyed at every single meal. Refuses anything pickled. Attended a French school until the 8th grade. Oui elle parle couramment!

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A detail-oriented queen with a flair for efficiency to help keep the office afloat. Not only that, but she may be the most calming and sunshiney support system you never knew you needed. An Oregonian through and through (growing up in NE Portland and graduating from University of Oregon), she has fond memories of camping, hiking, and enjoying the PNW in full bloom. After a long day she looks forward to cooking dinner with her roommates or perhaps refurbishing her latest thrifted find. One day she aspires to retire in the South of France!

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Professionally trained chef who firmly believes food is medicine, whether what you need is seasonal produce or a freshly popped bowl of popcorn (with a side of dark chocolate peanut butter cups). Loves exploring Minnesota’s North Shore with her highly energetic dog, Auggie. Opposite of a night owl –– can’t wait for the morning and all the coffee that comes with it. Swoons for the fresh smell of spring rain.  

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Favorite bodies of water, in order: hot springs, river, lake, pond, bay, ocean. Deep reverence for mountains, high desert landscapes, all life forms that thrive there, and all-wheel drive vehicles with sturdy axles. Dog-loving cat person. Perpetually in awe of how much words can do in a space like this and literally everywhere else. Intensely camera-shy. 

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Runner, hiker, creator of illustrations and designs with narrative drive. Will always stop for pasta. No to potatoes (unless they’re fries); yes to cinnamon rolls and hummus (but not together). Firm believer in the power of taking breaks from screens, sketching by hand and receiving inspiration from trees

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Tokyo-born but Portland-raised with a passion for nature – specifically bodies of water. Loves a good self-improvement book but knows that sometimes self-improvement means a good binge watch with a side of Wingstop. A perfect day at the office (for which she has a daily uniform) must include lots of laughter. Outside of work, you can find this soft-serve addict at a thrift store, an estate sale or in the kitchen cooking with friends.      

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First job: rinsing out rental wetsuits in her small hometown surf shop. Path from there to Maxwell: long, winding, fueled by endless reserves of patience, reliability, and love of adventure. You can take the Office Coordinator out of the surf shop, but you can’t take the surf shop out of the Office Coordinator: The OC is still a go-to guilty pleasure.

We’re a woman-owned business actively working to attract a more diverse workforce. We know we can do better, and are committed to action. We believe an inclusive environment looks like a seat at the table, a voice in decision making and equal listening no matter what race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values, national origin or political beliefs. We believe different values, experiences and backgrounds are not only a better representation of society, they contribute to fresh thinking and creativity.