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We're an independent group of curious thinkers inspired by the world around us and motivated by the potential of businesses to do good.

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Maxwell founder and principal. Brand whisperer. Wordsmith. Idea generator. Thrives on creating work with impact. Believes in pushing boundaries, including her own, which explains the time she jumped out of a plane. Canadian born, Cascadia raised. Baker of treats. A night owl with an Instagram habit. Thinks a great day includes time outdoors and having people over for dinner. Loves pickles.

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Dynamic team leader, news and pop culture fanatic, and brand champion. Raised in the Pacific Northwest on foraged seafood and berries. Spent her early years palling around with a chimp and a lion cub while her parents moonlighted as zoo managers. Her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. Has never had déjà vu. An avid gardener who loves traveling the world. Next stop: Greece.

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A natural born leader with a calming force when things are rocking and rolling. Got her chops in Las Vegas doing PR for acrobats. At parties you’ll find her with wine in one hand and a snack in the other. Regularly given unsolicited fashion advice by her tweenager. Motivated by island travel and poolside weekends. Hates cilantro. Enjoys the smell of Christmas trees and fires, but would choose summer over winter any day.

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Creative powerhouse. A visionary and artist across mediums, living in the realm of ingenuity and brand strategy. Has mad papier-mâché skills. Enjoys salsa dancing and bridging the gap from brand to consumer in honest and authentic ways. Likely to consume copious amounts of pasta if left to her own devices. Danced on the stage at Lincoln Center before she could drive. Drawn to collaborative environments and the smell of Eastern Oregon sage brush.

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Many-hat Chicano polymath. Poet, weekend mechanic, recovering professor, dad, and Maxwell content director. Has a zest for uniquely exceeding client demands. Holds over a decade of experience in creative direction and writing for brands, editorial, campaigns, special events, social media and more. Strategist and elegant solver of complex problems. Believes in passion; believes in fashion. In his spare time you’ll find him hiding in the woods, cooking for his family, and learning old tricks from his new dog Miklo.

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Brand storyteller, brainstorming wizard and news junkie. Always on the lookout for emerging trends. Would never turn down a taco from ¿Por Qué No?. Once renovated a house from the ground up. Currently rebuilding a 1978 Volkswagen bus and raising a young daughter with his wife. Voted best hair at Maxwell five years in a row.

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A risk taker, re-imaginer and multimedia designer turning challenges into creative opportunities. Self-proclaimed nerd. Especially for cars, computers and Nintendo games. Basically unbeatable at Mario Kart. Once shook hands with the Backstreet Boys. Pops the top on his convertible “Becky” bumping Carly Rae Jepsen when the sunshine hits. Probably on his way to grab sushi.

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A creative chameleon, community builder and confidant. Media relations specialist. An excellent + one for any project or party. Foster mom of two. Spends evenings cooking with family, taking yoga classes and hosting game nights. Chases art installations and film festivals. Has several Thai food restaurants in her neighborhood on speed dial. Once made a movie. Fun fact: you definitely have a friend in common.

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Motivated by planning, project management and pasta, specifically carbonara. Met her husband at a Halloween party, and has a knack for killer costumes. Her favorite: zombie bride for their engagement party. Sundays are spent relaxing with her yellow lab. Craft beer is involved. So are movies. If she could pick one person to make her dinner it would be Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. Loves Ducks. Not the animal, the team.

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Travel expert with her media list on lockdown. If Oregon is your destination, might she provide an itinerary? Appreciates the finer things in life such as square, crispy bottomed pizza and sitting by a cozy campfire. Crafts her own fry sauce with the perfect mayo, mustard, ketchup combo. Catch her after hours leading a spin class or sipping one of Willamette Valley’s famed Pinots.

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Media relations maestro. PNW through and through. Has a knack for balancing creativity with strategy. Loves a good road trip, but should never be in charge of navigation. Likely to be found pouring over a new book, spending time at the Oregon Coast or on the hunt for unique finds at an antique store. Former college athlete. Cool under pressure. A firm believer that bad nachos are a waste of time.

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A cause marketing enthusiast. Copywriting pro. Foreign language aficionado. Big fan of TINY tchotchkes. Lives by her story and learns from others’. Explores cities one coffee house at a time. Quoted Beyoncé in her college graduation speech. Spends weekends at warehouse sales or with family. Forever pursuing her mom’s traditionally vague recipes.

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Recipe developer, nutrition guru and photography connoisseur. You’ll find her in the studio kitchen by following the delicious aromas. Lover of sun-soaked lunchtime strolls, local farmer’s markets, and roasted sweet potatoes. Cosmopolitan magazine is a guilty pleasure. Dedicated to nourishing recipes that showcase whole foods. Wouldn’t hesitate to invite Ina Garten to dinner.

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Digital storyteller, community manager and resident pop culture oracle. Moved to Portland sight unseen after finishing a degree in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. Inspired by nature’s color palettes and the juxtaposition of modern celebrity with traditional iconography. Lover of balmy summer evenings, honey mustard and her deaf pup, Rosie.

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Self-made creative with almost a decade of experience in design and photography. Left SoCal for Portland and never looked back. Believes that movement is medicine. Story seeker. Owes her success to her very first iPad. Expert festival photographer with over one hundred on her record. Once flew to Istanbul to adopt her cat; true story. After hours you might find her as your Pilates instructor or spinning beside you at Burn Cycle.

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Creative explorer with a passion for the outdoors, winter sports, and recently, quantum physics. His key to health is everything in moderation. Enjoys the flow of a meeting-less work day and spotting new digital opportunities. You most likely won’t find him on the dance floor unless you can get Britney’s Toxic in the que. SoCal based with a probably overwhelming amount of Vitamin D. The title of his future memoir? Know Nothing, See Everything.

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Your go-to for events and influencer relations. A morning person. An extroverted introvert. Grew up in Cleveland, studied in Dublin and interned in Boston. Catch her on the weekends discovering one of Portland’s countless coffee shops. Always down for a brainstorm. Flips dough like a pro and probably adds pineapple. Once did PR for self-flying airplanes.

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Well-versed in influencer relations and antique jewelry. Has a knack for media pitching. Portland born and raised. Fancies herself a nature gal. Always yearning for her next adventure. A house plant aficionado and believer in the perfect manicure. Hopes to be invited to Eddie Huang’s next soiree. After hours, you’ll find her indulging in her grandmother’s marionberry cobbler and cuddling up with her cat, Franklin.

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Avid writer, University of Oregon grad and advocate of sustainable brands. Profoundly committed to NPR and Marks and Spencer’s cheese & onion sandwiches. Hails from an industrial farming town in Wales and can usually be found reading British crime detective novels. Has vowed to cook a new recipe every single night. The band R.E.M. is responsible for her birth, but if you want to know more about that, you’ll have to ask her.

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Project manager extraordinaire and coordinator of last-minute details. Once hiked 500 miles from the base of the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Fond of bringing creative ideas to fruition, and always trying to expand her skill set. In a previous life she was a commercial photographer, a web developer and production designer. Outside of business hours is often found out in the wilds of Oregon on a hiking trail or in her letterpress studio.

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Professional multitasker, studio manager and HR Specialist. Pacific Northwest native. A lover of birthdays, family barbeques and summer getaways that include a good swimming hole. Constantly in search of a quality garage sale. Do not leave unattended with landscaping tools. Her St. Bernard Duke once served as a mascot for Maxwell’s charity kickball team.

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Busy bee with an admiration for B Corps and leaving the earth a little cleaner than we left it. Sleeping in is her medicine. Finds her caffeine in tea and rarely messes with coffee. Salami specialist. Motivated by change and new scenery. Noodles are her guilty pleasure and the type is irrelevant. May be one of the last on earth to still use a CD player. Once lived in London but her next stop is Japan. Outside of office hours you’ll find her exploring nature and visiting Portland’s many hotspots.

We’re a woman-owned business actively working to attract a more diverse workforce. We know we can do better, and are committed to action. We believe an inclusive environment looks like a seat that the table, a voice in decision making and equal listening no matter what race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values, national origin or political beliefs. We believe different values, experiences and backgrounds are not only a better representation of society, they contribute to fresh thinking and creativity.