We’re motivated by work that is:

Socially Impactful

We seek to find and elevate the meaning in our work and pursue potential for lasting, positive change.


We’re stronger when we’re heading in the same direction, navigating together with clarity and kindness, and having fun along the way.


We’re not afraid to be different, to reframe questions, especially when it takes us further than we thought we could go.

Culturally Relevant

We know our work is most powerful when it taps into universal truths and creates relevant moments in people’s lives. We want to move people.

Maxwell believes in positive change

Based in Portland, Oregon

With one of the best food scenes in the country, a rich agricultural heritage, 365 miles of public beaches and a mountain literally in view of our office windows, it makes sense that we’re based intentionally in Portland, Ore. A thriving city of independent thinkers, makers, wellness enthusiasts and sustainability advocates on the cusp of budding cultural trends.

Maxwell’s rally cry is do better for tomorrow

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