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Influencer Marketing // April 27th, 2020

COVID-19: Influencers More Relevant Than Ever

Written by Maxwell

Influencers Lead the Way in Digital Content

Given the gravity of the global crisis we all find ourselves in, it’s fair to ask: are influencers still an important part of the marketing mix? From our vantage point  – brand communication strategists for consumer CPG brands – the answer is a definite “yes.”

Consumers are flocking online, consuming more digital content than ever before as they look to stay connected, informed and entertained on social media. Influencers, given the freedom to personalize messages for their communities, are as valuable as ever and delivering relevant, in-the-moment content.

During these first weeks of this new normal our carefully vetted and crafted influencer programs are still going strong. We’re grateful for the many influencers working overtime to shift to changing dynamics, where simple life-at-home topics are taking center stage. Their intimate understanding of what their communities need and ability to create quality content remain essential to our client’s initiatives.

Here’s what we’re seeing from best-in-class influencers with followings from a few thousand on up:

  • Authenticity was always critical to engagement and we’re seeing that play out even more so now with subtle shifts. Many influencers are now creating posts with more depth, in sensitive tones, and personal experiences such as how they’re dealing with the crisis mentally (e.g. @fitfoodiefinds).
  • They’re providing useful content relevant to what consumers need right now: community, education and entertainment. Influencers are creating content of service for their followers — simple recipes made with pantry staples (e.g. @foodiecrush), guides to extending groceries, and even sharing daily yoga flows and organizing tips.
  • Influencers are engaging their communities in good. Content creators are including a charitable element in their posts and sharing partner companies’ values. Many influencers are donating a portion of proceeds from sponsored posts to charities (e.g. @hey.candace), fashion bloggers are selling their own clothes to raise money, etc.
  • Others are evolving to new platforms as interest rises in different social mediums like TikTok (e.g. @amandakloots), Instagram Live and Instagram TV. Those willing to go outside of their zone and experiment with different types of content seem to be growing their audiences.
  • Thanks to their nimble, creative abilities, influencers are also incredible assets as social distancing and stay-at-home ordinances impact the ability for big production. Content they create is not only great for their audiences but campaigns far beyond.

We’re fortunate to work with many values-led companies hard at work keeping shelves stocked with essential pantry staples – from bread and oatmeal to pulses, soups and frozen meals. While we’re still unsure exactly what the world will look like on the other side of the pandemic, we’re pretty confident.

Influencers will remain important partners, credible sources of consumer inspiration, apt content creators and a valuable feedback loop for brands, particularly adept at amplifying results when all the marketing disciplines can come together.