Packaging That Pops

Case Study: CPG Packaging Design

Packaging That Pops

Delivering Maximum Shelf Presence, Brand Distinction and Decision-Driving Info Shoppers Need

Whether you’re ready to reclaim market share or extend your brand into a new category, getting the packaging right is a make-or-break moment. At any phase, your packaging is likely the number 1 billboard for your brand.

With only seconds to attract consumer attention (and only inches of real estate to work with), packaging has to compel consumers to stop, pick up your product and carry it all the way to checkout. In an instant, it's got to distinguish itself from the competition and leave your brand mark on the world while giving consumers the information they need. Beyond the in-store experience, it’s critical your product performs well in photos scaled for phones and a variety of media.

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A Fresh Approach for Pie Lovers

On the cusp of national expansion, Willamette Valley Pie Co., was ready for a brand refresh that better celebrated its near-century family farm heritage and commitment to fresh, local ingredients. Armed with research and an attention to every detail, we developed a new brand identity and packaging system that would captivate both pie enthusiasts and retail buyers while preserving the brand’s core fans.

“I’ve never regretted spending the money on Maxwell! Our sales team still gets regular compliments for the rebrand work! It’s fantastic!” — Austin Kelly, CEO

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Killin’ It in a Brand New Aisle

Hungry to feed America’s unsatiable appetited for snacking, Maxwell brought killer taste, texture and nutrition beyond the bread box with Dave’s Killer Bread Organic Snack Bars. The brand’s first product outside of bakery, Maxwell used photography to showcase ingredient cues and texture, the packaging system included the bars, carton and a grab-and-go display. The test launch was so successful the product went nationwide.

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Dave’s Killer Bread Epically Crunchy Snack Bites

With permission to extend to new categories, the innovation team continues to turn to Maxwell with new branded products and form factors. It’s most recent test to hit shelves is its first pouch featuring a window to showcase product.

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Lulubelle's Creamery: A Brand Steeped in Nostalgia

Is it possible to reimagine a time gone by and create a brand that feels fresh and relevant? That’s exactly what the founder of Pacific Foods asked when he launched Lulubelle’s, a new Pacific Northwest creamery. Translating his vision into reality, we built Lulubelle’s homespun identity with a healthy dash of whimsy. Our work included a logo with custom hand lettering, a new brand mascot (Lulubelle the cow), copywriting, package and label design.

After launching two initial products, we were tasked with expanding product designs, creating systems that fit within the new categories and showcased the brand’s family of products.

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Sunnyside Up: Creating an Instant Classic

With the spark of a true story, we built a brand with timeless appeal, reflecting the farm-fresh ethos of the founder’s approach, and establishing a new Pacific Northwest egg brand with distinction. Details included custom illustration, engaging brand storytelling and a vintage-inflected color system that stands out in a crowded category. The end result feels intimately connected to place.

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