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Influencer Marketing // March 30th, 2020

Building A Winning Influencer Marketing Program

Written by Maxwell

Influencers are the new media and they are a part of nearly every strategy we create. Why? As the name implies, influencer marketing is designed to inspire consumers and change their behavior. When an influencer authentically associates with a brand, consumer trust and engagement with that brand increases. Their creative use of your products and feed-stopping visual content showcases your brand in the very best of ways.

Influence is unique to every client because it starts with an individual’s relevancy to the audience that brand serves. But bigger isn’t necessarily better. For instance, micro-influencers (influencers typically with fewer than 1,000 followers) can deliver strong engagement with content leading to increased CPG sales.

Consumers are digging into the content buffet without much concern about what’s earned and what’s paid. Just like with advertising, the larger the audience, the more you’ll pay. You can work with some influencers on an earned basis, but for the most part, expect to pay for the professional services they provide.

Public relations has a powerful vantage point at the intersection of social media marketing, earned media and paid media where the most valuable influencers congregate. Just as we target journalists, we carefully search to identify influencers who are the best brand fit for our clients.