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Brand Strategy // December 14th, 2021

Attention Is The New Digital Currency

Written by Maxwell

Sorry Dogecoin, but there’s a better digital currency. It’s not based on blockchain tech, it’s not decentralized but it will help you generate better results from your social advertising campaigns.

Elon Musk is not tweeting about it, but it is what Elon gets when he tweets. It’s called attention and it’s the main thing you should consider when creating for social.

Here’s a question: What ads do you recall seeing yesterday? Can’t think of a single one?

It’s estimated Americans see a staggering 6,000-10,000 ads a day. On social media every 1 in 4 posts are ads.

As the line between ads and marketing get blurred on social platforms, grabbing and holding attention becomes a marketer’s biggest challenge, and opportunity.

Targeting and remarketing is on the way out and good creative is the new sheriff in town. Stand-out content is the most important thing and will ensure your brand doesn’t get lost in the sea of endless scroll where no one cares to stop and see what you are trying to say.

Now how does one grab a user’s attention?

These rules are a great place to start to maximize your content’s efficiency.

  • Deliver info in short amounts
    • Info should be bite sized to keep them wanting more
  • Utilize the longest aspect ratio allowed
  • Add movement in your video
    • Hardwired from the days when movement in a bush indicated lurking danger, our brains are predisposed to react to movement
  • Use the full frame of the image
    • Do: Have the subject of the image stand out and fill the frame
    • Don’t: Waste space on background that doesn’t strategically add to the subject
  • Take advantage of color to attract (full on peacocking)
    • According to Facebook: yellow, pink and green backgrounds on ads do best
    • Color psychology is a thing; use it to make your image (or something in it) stand out

Creative should synergize with the kind of campaign you are running – is it upper funnel or lower funnel? Are you targeting Millennials, Zoomers or Boomers? For instance, Zoomers prefer authenticity and realness, and are more skeptical towards advertising in general. Whereas Boomers like manicured, photoshopped images and Millennials like user generated content that still looks well put together.

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