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Content Marketing // May 5th, 2021

Talk The Tok 4: The Prompt And How To Use It

Written by Maxwell

If you have spent even a modicum of time on TikTok you have probably come across this viral video from @jessssthemess.


Honestly iconic @ashleytisdale #MakeItMagical #Productivity #callmemaybe #justinbieber #selenagomez #rentfree

♬ original sound – jessssthemess

**Gen-Z Translator: Rent-Free  = when you can’t stop thinking about something no matter how hard you try as if it is taking up space in your head and not even paying rent.

…And the millions of Stitches (the stitch function allows users the ability to clip and integrate scenes from another user’s video into their own), flooding FYPs (For You Page aka your TikTok feed where the algorithm serves up content based on what you watch) everywhere!



#stitch with @jessssthemess #northwest #greenscreen #stitch #fyp #canada #kimkardashian #kardasians #north #whatarethosetheseareclothes #whatarethose

♬ original sound – Jade✨🔪


#stitch with @jessssthemess this is the greatest video on the internet!! #rentfree #itdogodown

♬ original sound – AlexPresley

Ironically, this is now the video that lives rent-free in MY head:


#stitch with @jessssthemess THIS IS THE VIDEO !!! #rentfree

♬ original sound – Austin Maguire

By asking a simple question and encouraging use of the stitch feature, Jess inadvertently stumbled on TikTok gold and created a new breed of popular TikTok formats: The Prompt.

Note that this incredibly viral video is very informal and not fussy. TikTok isn’t Instagram – slick doesn’t perform well.

Jess isn’t the only TikTok Star™ to rocket themselves to millions of views using the prompt format. Some other popular prompts are @missbeifong’s asking “What is your favorite celebrity interview moment?”


woody how did u not get that #celebrity #hollywood #question #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – squid/syd

Of course someone already stitched with my personal fave celebrity interview moment:


#stitch with @missbeifong #arethafranklin #interview #funny #fyp #viral #taylorswift #nickiminaj #barbs #DontDropTheOhYeah #YearOnTikTok

♬ original sound – Julian Hagins

Have a question? Ask it and the people will come! Here are a few more prompts to get your wheels spinning:

“Tell me how you know your boyfriend won’t cheat on you without telling me your boyfriend won’t cheat on you.”


#stitch with @dianasaurusrex124 when he’s been quiet for 4 hours 👁👄👁

♬ original sound – Kristy Sarah

This one uses the very popular Internet lingo and TikTok format of “Tell me your ___ without telling me your ___” which you should keep in mind for your brand if you haven’t already used it.

“What is something you went viral for that you did not mean to go viral for?”


#stitch with @jandjfamily1 ok now im done talking about this but someone requested i stitch this lmao #fyp #foryou #celebrity

♬ original sound – squid/syd

Give it a try! Think of a question that relates to your brand but will have broad appeal. Maybe one day YOUR TikTok will live rent-free in everyone’s head.