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Campaigns // August 6th, 2020

Creative Approach for an Annual Touchpoint

Written by Maxwell

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Challenged to dream up a fresh concept for a seasonal push? For Pacific Foods, we applied consumer insights and entertaining, interactive technology during the critical Thanksgiving sales window.

To drive engagement as measured by a goal of 30,000 sweepstakes entries and 50,000 video views among existing and potential fans during the key holiday sales season, Maxwell and Pacific Foods launched “Leftover Upgrade” – a seasonally driven digital campaign that paired popular Thanksgiving leftovers, like pumpkin pie and turkey, with the brand’s best-selling Organic Chicken Bone Broth using a custom, interactive video to produce creative recipe hacks.

Designed to engage consumers when they’re seeking inspiration for how to use leftovers, before and after the Thanksgiving holiday, we pulled in consumers and made it fun and original with by using technology allowing viewers to make selections based on taste preferences.  “Choose-you-own-adventure” video content tapped into what we already know: people love personalized content. Because fans like recipes and beautiful food imagery, we drove awareness, and ultimately entries, video views and post engagement, via a targeted paid social campaign with prizes. The contest entry form included a field to opt-in to Pacific’s e-newsletter list so we could communicate with fans in the future.

The campaign was named “Best Interactive Content” in PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards and “Best Interactive Campaign” In the American Marketing Association Max Awards.